On A Sofa, Having A Chat

Hello, this is Caz and James and we are sat on Caz’s new sofa, strangely enough.

C: It’s a very nice sofa, chocolate colour I’d say…

J:Er yeh, I’m attempting not to spill cider on the new couch as it’s also my bed being a sofa-surfing rent dodger, anyhow, what we listening to Caz? This sounds weird and slightly Srilankan? Is that meant to be one word?

C: I believe you are incorrect in your spelling, but I can’t do any better as I’m clearly very stupid, as you well know. We are listening to Chalte Chalte – don’t you know it? Should definitely be on the playlist for the next O, IW, yeah? Awesome. No one knows what we’re talking about and neither do we.

J: That’s probably a good thing. So goddamn we should spill some kinda news about OIW (btw Caz is commenting on the smartness of her newly cleaned den, looks kinda nice)… who do we love caz? I love these fellas from Newcastle http://www.myspace.com/detroitsocialclub, the Arctics manager Geoff Barrandale has just taken on those guys and he kinda knows what he’s talking about…

C: I’m sure he does and I’m sure he’s made a bob or two out of those scallywags, good on Geoff

J: Yeh, we kinda fell out when I was a work experience kid at Rough Trade and asked him for a demo, he refused saying the labels would come to him, I told him he was fucking up the Arctics and then thought we were gonna fight it out outside the Garage in Highbury. Bizarre night, John McClure took me to that night, he was just a singer in a Sheffield band called 1984 those days…

C: Wow, you are an influential lad, James. Good thing Geoff listened, eh? heehee. I’ve never had a physical fight with a band manager, but some idiot in the barfly once threw a glass of wine at me – is that the same thing!?

J: I’m not really, there’s just not a lot happens in Sheffield… that sounds pretty bad but not compared to the story you told me from T In The Park last weekend (ahem)

C: T in The Park was pretty traumatic. Apart from awesome performances from Band of Horses, The National, MGMT, Biffy, Wombats (of course- especially their birthday shout-out) and Ben Folds, the whole thing was a bit of a nightmare. We spent most of the time being treated like cattle (and not very well-liked cattle), being pissed on and being sworn at – it was awesome. The “free beer-tent” on the first night was a very good find though. Off to Secret Garden Party this weekend though, that should be a much more chilled out affair. In fact I look forward to seeing a few of our lovely O,IW artists again in the fields of Cambridgeshire. I believe Mr Josh Weller is playing amongst others…

J: I saw Josh walking through town earlier guitar in hand, no idea where he was off to though, I was with OIW’s very own Doctor Seager drinkin’ from cans in the middle of Covent Garden… anyway I was referring to the legendary getting pissed on escapade… I had forgot about your celebratory Birthday shout-outs though, the Wombats and Biffy, right!? (I have now spilt cider on the new couch, sorry didn’t take long)

C: You are a twit. And you and Seager are very classy chaps drinking from cans in Covent Garden, almost as classy as the Scottish girl who pissed on my tent at T in the Park. It’s a moment that will be imprinted on my fragile little mind forever. Being that you’re a messy idiot we should clean this mess up. Our flat is now looking awesome, we’ve really turned into adults in the past few hours. You just don’t enjoy the non-hobo vibe, James.

I think on that note we should sign off. Here’s to incoherent drunken ramblings! More interesting and succinct posts to come.


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