Music Policy

Caz asked me to drop in and make an introductory post, so here it is. My name’s Duncan, or RAD!O ED!T. I’m one of the regular DJs at Oh! Inverted World, and I wanted to explain a bit about the (recorded) music policy.

I tend to play a lot of indie. The night’s named after a Shins album, after all. Generally around the start of the night I’ll play light folky and postrocky stuff like Feist, the Postal Service, Grandaddy, Eels – that sort of thing. Light stuff, and quietly, so that people can talk over it. As the second band finishes, I’ll generally shift up a gear to some more upbeat indie stuff – but still stuff you might not have heard. Don’t ever hesitate, if you’re wondering what a song is, to come and ask me – I love sharing music with people!

When the last band finishes, or between the last few bands, I’ll often drop a few tracks of a more electro nature. I’m not that fussed about the latest signing to Ed Banger or whatever, unless it’s good, but I like the slightly more disco end of the electro spectrum – stuff like Chromeo, Simian Mobile Disco, Muscles – as well as a lot of the stuff on DFA and Modular.

Also, people often wonder about the requests policy when I’m DJing. Here it is:


One of the most difficult parts of DJing is working out what the crowd want to hear. I love requests, because it’s part of that crowd actually telling me what they want to hear. If it fits in, and I’ve got it, then I’ll play it for you. If it’s not going to work, for whatever reason, then I’ll tell you. If I’ve never heard of it, then I’ll likely write it down to listen to later. If I say I’m going to play it, and then I don’t, then feel free to hassle me till I do. Does that sound fair? If you have any comments on this, or the music policy in general, then either harangue me at the next O,IW, or drop me a comment below.

Take care for now

– Duncan


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