Let them eat cake.

Hello there! My name’s Christopher and I’m Oh! Inverted World’s compère and resident boulanger. You may have seen me up on stage introducing bands in the style of Jools Holland (albeit without the large piano and even larger glass of whiskey) or in amongst the throngs, doling out chocolate cake like a dastardly ‘80s TV villain doling out marijuana to erstwhile wholesome teenagers.

James, myself and a large quantity of gin & tonic have come up with the happy notion of a compére suggestion box. Allow me to explain:

At the door, there’ll be a box and a pad of paper. On a sheet of paper, feel free to write down three words you want me to work into an introduction to a band, let’s say for example: erudite, Coventry, and bathysphere. Before doing the intro, I’ll pick one of the suggestions from the box at random and think of a way to work them into the introduction. Hilarity ensues.

And if hilarity doesn’t ensue, we’ll hang our heads in shame, lock the suggestion box in a Blue Peter-style time capsule and bury it in a cave on Mars.

I design and make T-shirts and bags under the guise of Sally Can’t Dance. I may be selling my wares at future OIWs so check ‘em out. Also, it’s Sally Can’t Dance’s first birthday this August (the 4th to be precise) so I warn you in advance that my ego may get the better of me and I might try and squeeze that into the proceedings of August’s OIW.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything to write just now…

I know this blog is supposed to show you crazy kids what the folks behind the club are like, so perhaps I could whine about the cruel games Crystal Castles play with my affections but I worry I do that too much already.

I suppose I could go on about how much I love Girls Aloud, in spite of the fact that some of their lyricists need to be dragged naked through cobbled streets and publicly flogged (“It’s just a fling baby, fling baby … Just a bit of ding-a-ling baby, bling baby”) and in spite of the fact that I can never work out whether or not I fancy the ginger one (on the one hand, red-heads are sexy; on the other hand, she looks like she still has all her baby teeth) but then that’s not particularly interesting.

Instead I think I’ll quit whilst I’m ahead (just about) and confine myself to saying “Toodle pip!” and “See you on the 12th August!”

Much love.


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