Time To Reveal Our Identity…

You, the average reader who has possibly accidentally stumbled upon this here blog, might be wondering who these mysterious ‘Oh, Inverted World’ people are. I mean obviously they’re outrageously cool and most likely devastatingly attractive, but really who are the people behind it all? Well, having taken inspiration from Burial’s decision to reveal his identity today as South Londoner Will Bevan, we’ve taken the decision to jump on the bandwagon and disclose our ‘secret identities’ too, though we look a wee bit happier about it than Mr Bevan.

In other news, I can’t stop listening to the new Dr. Dog album – is it as good as I think it is? Yes, I think it probably is.


2 thoughts on “Time To Reveal Our Identity…

  1. Hell that’s pretty. I’m also wrapped up in philadelphia’s finest Dr. Dog! 5pm every day used to be Dog O’Clock, long may it continue!

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