Well, I have to say I’m slightly ashamed of myself. So many good intentions when we first started this blog to keep it updated, keep it fresh, keep it exciting. How many blogs have we written in the last 6 weeks? Err…just the one. Admittedly that one post was a brilliant one containing a supreme cake recipe from young Christopher, but we’re going to step up our game over the next few weeks and fill these pages with awesomely exciting material, like all the time.

But first, here’s a quick catch-up on the last two Oh, Inverted Worlds:



A fine August evening this was, well, for everyone bar me. The evening commenced with a brilliant acoustic session from Norwich’s indie-pop kings The Lost Levels (Caz alcohol intake – 1 glass of red wine; food – nothing).  Next up was the man with the second best haircut of the night, Jonjo Feather from Yorkshire playing his supreme psych-fuzz-rock (is that a genre? Who cares I just made it up). (Caz alcohol intake – 2 glasses of red wine; food – still nada). Third on the bill came Ed and Jen from The Mules. Playing a wonderful acoustic set on guitar and violin, they definitely did the band justice as a two-piece (Caz alcohol intake – 3 glasses of evil red wine; food – a piece of chocolate cake). And then we came to the headliner of the night, Mr Josh Weller! Now this man has the best hair I’ve ever seen, in fact I think he just pips Jonjo on the big hair stakes, not only does he have good hair but he’s got some fantastically fresh ‘Showtunes’ about love and loss and pretty girls who’ll be ugly when they’re 40. Sadly, this is where it all went wrong for me. Since Jonjo I’d managed another glass of wine and a piece of chocolate cake. Turns out my stomach was not feeling its strongest so unfortunately I missed half of Josh’s set due to alcohol-induced illness in the toilets – I’m sorry Josh!! I heard it was excellent though. At this point I stumbled home and left it up to James, Sam and the DJing prowess of RAD!O ED!T to save the night from my silliness. I have learnt, I will not do it again. Excellent night though!




With the absence of James this month from the Oh, Inverted World crew – the git being in Thailand sunning himself – Sam and I were extra on the case to make sure the night ran smoothly, for me this meant slightly less wine. Thanks again to all our lovely friends who helped out with manning the door, introducing the acts, making cake, DJing… you guys are quite quite wonderful. Commencing the night this month was The Winter Kicks, a last minute addition to the line-up and an excellent band to kick off the show. They sound like a proper dirty rock n roll band and look like one too, thanks again for stepping in at the last minute boys! Quick turnaround and it was time for The Good Gods!, formally Tom Hatred and The Angry Band. Led by Tom and with Ed from The Mules back for his second month in a row as the band’s drummer, it was a really excellent set and hopefulle we’ll be seeing more of these fellas in the future. Penultimate act of the night was the fantastic Tim Ten Yen. I can honestly say I smiled the whole through his performance, especially when the mechanical cat came out! A brilliant songwriter and an incredible showman, it was worth it just to watch people’s incredulous smiles. Rotheram’s Alvarez Kings ended the night with a wall of sound the Old Queens Head has never seen before, I think they might have been trying to bring the place to the floor. Playing with around 50 huge amps, I felt my teeth shake as they stormed through a 30 minute set of Arctics style scuzzy indie-rock. They’re loud and they mean business those northerners. The night ended with DJ Robbie Dix and Fiona delighting the crazy revellers left dancing on the furniture. A successful night for the bands and even more successful for me – no sicking!!


Next month on October 14th we’ve got this fine line-up coming yo way:




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