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Oh, it’s been a while. We’re bad at keeping this thing up-to-date, but you know life, it gets so busy doesn’t it?

So last night we were all down the Old Queens Head for this week’s Oh, Inverted World, and I was really reminded why the Old Queens Head is such an ace pub and why we started the night there in the first place. Not only are the staff unbelievably nice and chilled with us and are ramshackle take on promoting, but it’s such a good venue for a night like ours and they look after it so well. Last night in particular it was looking particularly lovely with their new lights making it even more inviting. But it wasn’t just lights we admired, oh no, there was music too! First on the stage yesterday evening was Loyal Trooper. An awesome young man with depressing songs and comic banter – a perfect mix. I was particularly chuffed as he instigated a round of applause for us awesome inverters of your world.

Loyal Trooper - look at him there!

Loyal Trooper - look at him there!

Time for a few tunes from DJs RAD!O ED!T and Mr Rob Dix and it was time for our resident compere Christopher George to take to the stage and introduce the first ever French act to the O,IW stage. Coming fresh outta Paris, we booked Sourya on the strength of the amusing spiel on their myspace page, here’s the kind of thing I’m chatting about: “formed in late 2005, having met at the infamous Shebeen in Paris, Sourya talents did not go unnoticed and they were soon brought to the attention of Universal publishing who were over whelmed by the freshness of the Sourya sound and the widescreen production techniques they adopted and were quick to offer them a deal.

January 2008 will see the scheduled release of the album out in the shops ( CTRL ALT DELE RECORDS) coupled with a tour to boot.
a couple of EPs will be released this autumn.”

Excellent stuff! As it turns out you should book bands on the strength of the nonsensical, hyperbolic statements that appear on their myspace as they were awesome. A bit Hot Chip in places, a bit Serge Gainsbourg and a bit wonderfully random; I’m so glad we put them on and they were perfect gents too.

Compere Chris and Sourya

Compere Chris and Sourya


Next up it was the turn for the ladies to get into the action. Smoke Fairies are a sultry duo based in London who play spooky folk-blues with acoustic guitars and perfect harmonies. They are properly captivating, particularly for one random man in the audience who took to sitting on the floor and sketching them a bit too avidly throughout their set. This would have been fine, but I don’t think he knew them so the whole thing was slightly unnerving. I’m sure it’s all very innocent.

Smokin' Fairies


Final act of the night was Glasgow’s The New York Fund, possibly the most American band ever to come out of Scotland. Playing a stripped down acoustic set, the guys played brilliantly and even inspired our first Oh, Inverted World sing-a-long. aww, aren’t we the sweetest night.

New York Fund

New York Fund

And so to the end of the evening. The point where we like to pay people, reflect and perhaps congratulate ourselves on a fine evening. This almost went to plan, though when paying Sourya, James did manage to drunkenly fall over quite spectacularly and spill pound coins everywhere. The French were mightily impressed. Tragically I missed said fall, but we are looking into getting the CCTV footage, then it’ll be youtube all the way!


I feel like I’ve been talking about next week for years. In fact it’s been about a month as we were that late at getting everything booked. But hey, we just wanted to get it right! If you fancy getting yourself an advance ticket to the shindig you can do and here is how: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=291042





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