Oh God, it’s been ages again…

Woops! Another month has passed and the blog has lacked action. This is BAD and we apoligise.

So, what’s been going down in our Inverted World since our last post? Firstly we had an awesome time at Madame Jojo’s last month with Stricken City, exlovers, La Shark and Dallas. Everyone was brilliant and apart from a bloody incident for Dallas, the night went well and injury free (as far as I’m aware). Thanks to all for coming down and for making it so brilliant. We were chuffed to bits!

Here are few of the finest pictures of the evening taken by our in-house photographer Sam Seager Sadly we’ve only got pictures of La Shark and Stricken City as Sam was busy manning the door/drinking/dancing during exlovers and Dallas. So if anyone has any pictures of these two then send them over to me and I’ll post ’em quick smart.

La Shark, looking planty


La La La Shark


Stricken City



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