Aaron King’s Tommy Heap on Mangos, Sharks Vs. Bears and Pianos

Playing at Oh, Inverted World on March 10th is Brighton piano-based five-piece Aaron King. Here’s bass player Tommy Heap’s answers to some rather random questions we gave him. Oh, and if you haven’t already, then get yourself signed up to the OIW Facebook group for all your latest news, events, comps… Just click HERE.

Who are you? I’m Tommy Heap, I play bass guitar and do some ‘singing’ with Aaron King. I also play with Mechanical Bride and Windmill.

Is your band any good? We think we are brilliant, that’s a pre-requisite for any musician. If you think your own band is shit, you have a bit of a problem.

What kinda antics can the super-cool crowd at O,IW expect from Aaron King? Antics isn’t really our ‘thing’, but it’s always quite amusing watching Aaron play the piano. He looks like a mad scientist who’s just discovered you can form quadratic equations using a Yamaha keyboard.

What is your most interesting feature? The musical influences within our band are so varied that it’s quite hard to pigeon-hole. Both Tom (guitar/violin) and I played in classical orchestras when we were young, Aaron has a strong jazz background, and we stole our drummer Joe from a metal band. I’m not saying we play classical/jazz/metal… However it sounds, it’s always sewn together with good song-writing, and good musicianship.

Would you rather be attacked by a shark or a bear? Definitely a shark, I’ve been told how to mess them up; poke ’em in the eye. I think it’d be harder to poke a Grizzly bear in the eye. Having said that, have you seen The Grizzly Man movie? He lived with bears for eight years… and then got eaten. Point made.

If you could change your name what it would be? Maybe just my surname… Heap isn’t a very pretty word. The last time an Environmental Health Officer crashed my house party to complain about noise I gave the pseudo name Tommy Heat. I was dressed as Princess Diana at the time.

Who have you been listening to recently? I listen to a lot of radio, probably more than cd’s now. In Brighton we get a cool French radio station called FIP. Bands I like at the moment include Phosphorescent, Deerhunter, Faust, Grizzly Bear, Beirut, A Hawn and a Hacksaw, loads more. I also saw a band called It Hugs Back not long ago, they were cool.

Mangos or melons? Mango. No question.

Do you make a good cup of tea? Ask the bullying tyrants at the label I work for.

Come down on March 10th to check Tommy and his band out, and perhaps offer him a mango.


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