Who On Earth Is Louis Barabbas??


We asked our eccentrically brilliant headliner for tonight’s show at the Old Queens Head, Louis Barabbas, a few O,IW questions and this is what he told us…
– Who are you?
I am Louis J. Barabbas, ex-mime artist and busker, Captain of Manchester’s infamous Black Velvet Band and song-writer for hire.

– Are you any good?
Well, the fact that you’re paying my bus-fare all the way from THE NORTH certainly encourages me to go on thinking so.

– What kinda antics can the super-cool crowd at O,IW expect from Louis Barabbas?
Songs about dead pimps, immortal dogs and jilted lovers. Lots of moustache twitching, eye-brow furrowing, high-kicking and tongue-twisting. Plus a certain degree of the unknown… last time I played the Old Queen’s Head I nearly broke the stage so we’ll just have to see what happens won’t we?

– What is your most interesting feature?
Probably my moustache, it’s interesting in that it only really got this thick when my hair started to thin. I think Alanis Morrisette would call that ironic. Don’t you think?

– Would you rather be attacked by a shark or a bear?
Bear. I could strip off and try to convince the beast that I was one of its kin.

– If you could change your name what would it be?
I’d change it to Lewis Barrabas because then I wouldn’t have to be so annoyed at people who spell and pronounce it incorrectly all the time.

– Who have you been listening to recently?
At home I’ve had Art Tatum’s solo piano recordings on repeat. On the bus it’s mostly either Satie or Mingus. For wordier stuff it’s generally Leonard Cohen. The only “new” music I listen to these days is written by my friends in the Manchester folk scene, I truly believe there’s no one around to rival them: Richard Barry, Al Baker, Dave Rybka, Liz Green, Alabaster Deplume. They’re all going to be house-hold names one day. Or House-Arrest names.

– If you had a job in government, what job would you like to have?
I’m tempted to be flippant and say Guy Fawkes. Really though, I’ve never found power very alluring. I’d rather have influence than authority.

– Do you make a good cup of tea?
I make a strong cup of tea, whether that’s good or bad depends on the drinker. I think that’s good. It helps me with the high kicks anyway!


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