James OIW – Favourite Records From 5 Year Intervals In Your Life

So James in our office posted a tweet earlier asking to name our favourite records from 5 years intervals in your life. (James on Twitter… http://twitter.com/_Jhas_)

Eyes glazed over and hazy memories of the last 20 years listening to ipods, minidisc players, portable CD players, battered old walkmen and crappy 2-deck cassette players came flooding back. It was impossible to fit it all in a tweet so here it is James….


2009 – Yeah, Yeah Yeah’s “It’s Blitz”
So far this year my ipod has hit repeat on the new YYY’s record since I got hold of it a few weeks back. It’s their best album to date for sure.


2004 – Arcade Fire “Funeral”
5 years ago it was the wild summer of 2004 and my minidisc player was churning out new albums from the likes of Von Bondies, Fiery Furnaces, TV On The Radio, Kings Of Leon, The Libertines… I’m gonna go for Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” though, not only a great record but good memories of having just moved to London, working at Rough Trade and meeting friends I actually still like at their first UK shows. Yeah, that includes you Sam OIW!


1999 – The White Stripes / Mogwai “C’mon Die Young”
Music sucked in 1999. I was still busy filling in the gaps of the The Smiths, Doors, Dylan, The Byrds, Pink Floyd, Stones…etc, and trying to discover everything I’d missed. Music had grabbed hold and become an obsession. Of all the albums released that year probably only Mogwai’s C’mon Die Young and The White Stripes debut got time on my crappy Sony portable CD player that skipped every time you looked at it.


1994 – Oasis “Definitely Maybe”
1994 and just breaking into my teens, my walkmen was a confused mess at the time. Did I like Madness or Iron Maiden? Was I really digging Terrorvision? Well yes, shamefully I was. Music For The Jilted Generation and Jeff Buckley’s Grace passed me completely by until several years later. Ah, but then Oasis came out with a record. Definitely Maybe. I begged my parents for a guitar. I got one. Hell, whatever you think of that band that was an important turning point.


1989 – Er… Martika
Would love to say that in 1989 it was Pixies’ “Debaser” or even “Fools Gold” but my plastic twin cassette deck radio was more likely to be playing “I Feel The Earth Move” by Martika. Ah c’mon, I was like 8 years old!

So do any Oh, Inverted Worlders remember what they were listening to back in 1989?

James OIW


One thought on “James OIW – Favourite Records From 5 Year Intervals In Your Life

  1. this is hard!
    1994- bob dylan “oh mercy” .I just loved it
    1994- portishead “dummy”
    jeff buckley “grace” cant separate these two awsome albums
    1999-sigur ros “agaetis byrjin”
    Godspeedyou Black Emperor “Slow Riot”MY UNIVERSE IMPLODED
    2004-Bright Eyes- “Lifted” found it late but totally blew me away!
    2009-olafar arnalds “eulogy” nothing to top this so far this year

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