Top 5 most memorable Oh, Inverted World moments, by Caz

5) Goldheart Assembly – January 13th, Old Queens Head: Oh, Inverted World’s first birthday party! “The One Where We Got Folky On Your Ass”
Being the second week of the most miserable month of the year when all the jubilance of the festive period has died a sorry death and you’re feeling more poor, more tired and more fucked off with life than ever, it’s pretty amazing when you can go out on a Tuesday night and have an incredible night. There was something about the atmosphere that January night, for starters it was an awesome line-up. Samuel Deschamps, Pete from exlovers and Planet Earth were all superawesome and played to a packed out, but happy, room in the Old Queens Head. Headliners Goldheart Assembly were a chance finding for us, but once we’d stumbled upon them and managed to book them we were pretty stoked. A lead Radar feature in NME full of acclaim and nice words late last year made us feel even more darn smug for booking them early. “This band,” we said to ourselves, cigars hanging out of our mouths, “are gonna be gooooood”. And thankfully we were correct in our predictions; they were incredible as well as being jolly nice chaps. Somehow the band also got confused on the night and believed it to be my birthday and got whole the crowd to say happy birthday to me. It wasn’t my birthday, it was O,IW’s, but fuck it, I secretly love the attention: “Hey there, limelight!! I’m over here!!” I definitely recommend that you check them out if you haven’t already. I know they returned to the Old Queens Head recently, because it’s ace, and hopefully we’ll be having them along to play again soon.

4) Kyte – Madame Jojo’s – January 28th “The One Where We Forgot We Were Broke”
If we thought that the second week in January was depressing, it was nothing compared with the gloom we faced on the last week on January. The fourth week of January is terrible. No one had been paid for a full 6 weeks, it was pissing it down outside, and to top it off the media are constantly shoving it down our throats that we’re going through a RECESSION and you DON’T HAVE ANY FUCKING MONEY SO DON’T YOU DARE DO ANYTHING!! Through the gloom though, we the lucky ones at Madame Jojo’s, had Kyte. And rarely is there a band that can be so uplifting in their cinematically huge soundscapes as these four Leicestershire boys. Live they take you off the planet and let your dreams take you. Sounds like I’m full of hyperbole, no? Well, I guess it does, but they really were that good.

3) La Shark – Old Queens Head – 8th July “The One Where We got Seduced by Sharks”
This was the first night we had La Shark play and it was the start of what was to become a beautiful friendship. They were awesome and won over everyone in the crowd, who were perhaps originally confused about who the arty looking student types were. It was also a special night for me as it was the grand occasion of my 23rd birthday and I was lucky enough to have many of my fine friends there to enjoy the bands, drink and eat cake with me -props to Chris G for the chocolate cake. This night was also a success for me as I was not sick. A tremendous achievement!

2) Filthy Dukes, Fenech Soler and Sunny Day Sets Fire – 26 November 2008, Madame Jojo’s – “The One Where We Rose From The Jaws of Defeat”
Arguably our biggest party to date, November 26th was definitely a night of mixed emotions. For one thing I had tonsillitis and was feeling pretty ropey. I tried self-medicating with rum, but sadly it didn’t help. Also, and possibly more seriously, we began the night with major, major sound problems. The sound man informed us during sound check that for some reason we were missing some vital bit of equipment (that no one knew how to pronounce, let alone understood what it actually did. It was called something like a ‘trogiwehieyrwse’ I think…) Bad news when it’s 7.30pm and the doors are set to open at 8pm. It got so bad we thought we might have to cancel the whole thing. Thankfully the sound man came good and managed to get hold of this elusive equipment at the eleventh hour and the bands could play! And man, they were three awesome bands. From the exuberant indie-pop fun of Sunny Say Sets Fire, to the amazing electo tunes of Northamptonshire teens Fenech Soler, and finishing with the big league boys Filthy Dukes and their dirty electro-pop, it was incredible. So good in fact, I very nearly forgot that my tonsils were tennis ball size and covered in green stuff. Yeah that’s right boys, I’m damn sexy.

1) Derek Meins, Honkeyfinger, Defend Moscow, Congregation and surprise guest Luke Pritchard and Nat Jenkins – 9th December – Old Queens Head. “The one where Christmas got a crack habit.”

Bloody hell, what a surreally brilliant night this was. The line-up could not have been more eclectic and with superstar guest appearances from the likes of Mischa Barton, Luke Pritchard of The Kooks fame and Murph from the Wombats – yeah, really – plus the fact we decorated the venue in the extreme with tinsel, dog crackers, mince pies, hats and anything else vaguely Christmas related we could get our grubby little hands on, we knew it was going to be good. Each artist was top, Derek’s encore at the end was a real highlight for me and it was such a perfect end to the year. Hope we can top it next Christmas!

Honourable mentions also go out to: Tim Ten Yen and his cat, Eugene McGuinness, Stricken City, Josh Weller, Thee Single Spy, Jamie Commons, Louis Barabbas and his dog impression, Anna Calvi, Little Death acoustic, Orphans and Vandals, and loads of others I’m more than likely forgetting.

Moment I’d most like to forget: having a sick during Josh Weller’s performance back in August. Nothing to do with you Josh, it was possibly the gallons of wine and no food that did it…


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