Stars and Sons Talk Pop

So,back in January we had a lovely young band from Brighton called Stars and Sons play at Madame Jojo’s, along with Kyte, Little Death and London Blackmarket. They were a lot of fun and we liked them lots. A mere four months later, we asked Mike Lord (frontman extraordinaire) some mindless questions. This is a little bit like promo in reverse.

Hello, who are you?

I’m Mike, I play piano and other things in a band called Stars and Sons with my buddies Sandy, Paul and Stu.

You played at Oh, Inverted World back in January. Other than this life changing, amazing experience, what other awesome times have you had in a band?

We did a short tour with Okkervil River late last year which was lots of fun. We played at the Academy 3 in Manchester and afterwards me and Paul sneaked into watch Todd Rundgren playing at Academy 2, and when we left we found Travis and Patrick from Okkervil River telling a bunch of kids that they were in an Iron Maiden tribute called ‘Maiden Voyage’. Very funny.

Are your band any good?


If you music could be described in terms of fruit, what would it be?

Stewed apples.

What do Stars and Sons have planned for the next year?

If all works out we will be recording an album very soon but I don’t really want to divulge much information in case all our carefully laid out evil plans go horribly wrong…

Got yourself any groupies yet?

I have to stay in my room these days. Even the small things like going to the supermarket are becoming a struggle. Its Beatlemania. Girls soon go off me when I tell them that I sellotape my glasses to my head at gigs. And also when trampolining.

What other bands are you digging at the moment?

The new Animal Collective album is amazing. I’m also trying to get my head around the vastness of 69 Love Songs by Magnetic Fields. And Elton John. The best of Elton John. By Elton John. Makes me feel like I’m about 12, I love it.

How do you like your tea?

Strong no sugar please, ginger nuts to dunk.

Any other random thoughts?

No thank you.

Great. Thank you very much Mr Mike Lord.
Here is a very good video promo the band have made…


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