ATP – Minehead – 15-17 May
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So last weekend, us Oh, Inverted Worlders parted ways; Sam and I heading off to ATP in Minehead on the North Somerset coast, and James heading south east to Brighton for The Great Escape. I think it’s fair to say we all had a pretty amazing weekend and I am now a full ATP convert. It’s a really bizarre festival in a lot of ways. Firstly you’re staying at Butlins, a place I never ever ever ever thought I would visit, let alone willingly spend three days of my life in. Obviously it’s different when there’s an awesome festival going on and the place is invaded by bands, men with beards, more men with beards, and the indiest of indie people. Actually, it was pretty fucking great staying in a Butlins chalet as we had the luxuries of beds, showers, TV and a fully fitted kitchen, meaning that unlike most festivals where I look and smell like an unwashed hobo and spend all my money on multiple falafels and pints of cider, we cooked all our own gourmet meals in relative luxury. Being that the weather was pretty gross it meant the undercover stages and nice cosy chalets were even better. Yay Butlins!

But that’s enough about luxuries, what about BANDS!! Personal highlights for me were Bon Iver, who was just breathtakingly beautiful. The only slightly distracting part of his performance was the lesbian orgie going on to my right. I wouldn’t have minded but they kept grinding up against me which was very annoying when you’re trying to get “lost in the music”. Also brilliant was knitting with Kelley Deal (yes, that’s right, actual knitting), CSS, Deerhunter, The Breeders, Mariachi el Bronx (superfantastic), Holy Fuck (“we touched euphoria”), The Soft Pack and others that I’ve temporarily forgotten about, probably because I was too busy running around on the beach or bowling or doing backwards rolls down a hill. Oh Minehead, I miss you already…

Here are some pictures of the joy! Now James, get your ass on here and tell us about The Great Escape….

I heart Butlins!

I heart Butlins!

Bon Iver

Bon Iver



Holy Fuck!

Holy Fuck!


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