It’s on! Oh no, it’s off :( Oh no, wait, IT IS ON! :)

Confusing blog title? Yes, I will agree with that. But it is also demonstrative of the drama we’ve had with our June 9th Old Queens Head show with the awesome line-up of My Tiger My Timing, My Sad Captains and Tristram. Last week we sadly had to inform you all that, due to sound proofing measures being undertaken by the Old Queens Head, we would have to cancel the show. We were gutted by the news and had to set up an emergency helpline for those of you dealing with this horrific news.

But, it looks like those tragic tears were all unnecessary as we are BACK ON! Just like that couple that keep splitting up and getting back together, we tease your heart but you know we love you really.

So! June 9th is the date. Old Queens Head is the place. You know what to do kids!

Thumbs up to you too, Tom Cruise!



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