“Under The Radar” – For A Minor Reflection

It only seems like yesterday when myself and the honourable Jonny Wignap (ex B.L.T. now guitarist with “The Violet May“) were sitting in a backstreet cafe in Reykjavik recovering from the previous evenings “entertainment” when a slice of scrawled pencil graffiti caught the eye, “F a M R”!

Intrigued we investigated this “sign” and found ourselves in “12 tonar“, without doubt the finest indie record store in the northern hemisphere, furthering our enquiries. 15 minutes later, credit card maxed out we left armed with a shed load of c/d’s including “Mugison“,”Amiina” and a lovely handmade “Reistu big via, solin er komin a loft” by the afore mentioned “For a Minor Reflection“.
Further exploration (ie: we played it) revealed an amazing slab of post rock. Six masterful compositions and, before you ask, nothing like the wonderful SIGUR ROS!

12 Tonar, Reykjavik

12 Tonar, Reykjavik

Fast forward to last Autumn and a packed Empress Ballroom, Blackpool. We had made the pilgrimage to see Sigur Ros with the added incentive FaMR were supporting and we were anticipating a great night. It wasn’t great – it was awesome. The four unassuming young Icelanders, three dressed in white one in black, looked out from the stage at the huge crowd waiting for Sigur Ros. “erm ‘ello, we are from Reykjavik and normally play to 25 people”. We laughed. In reply they launched into a 40 minute set of amazing intensity that completely brought the house down. These lads, totally unfazed, were really incredible and seemed quite unaware of the huge reaction they had caused. There are no pretensions lurking here, just great music.

FaMR - "Reistu big via, solin er komin a loft" album cover

What do they sound like you might ask? I hate comparisons and so would say switch off the tv and go see. Pushed I guess “Mogwai“, “explosions in the sky” would be nearest the mark. So why the “stop press”? They are on tour right now and playing “229”, which I believe is 229 Great Portland Street London, on Wednesday 17th June and I strongly advise you guys to get some of this while it is fresh! Find them at www.myspace.com/foraminorreflection

Keefy x
Oh, by the way, translated the album is “Rise and Shine, the Suns Up”


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