One of the best things about Oh, Inverted World is how much new music I’ve been exposed to. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with new music and finding bands, scouring the geekiest blogs for my latest Americana fix of indie-geeky-wonderfulness is one of my favourite hobbies (yes, I live a very fulfilling life). The awesome thing is Oh, Inverted World almost kinda legitimises this hobby of mine.

So here are some people you should definitely consider checking out…

wolf gang
First up is Wolf Gang, a.k.a Max McElligott. I’m seriously convinced this guy is going to be massive this year. His first single out of the superamazing Neon Gold Records – probably the label I’ve been most in awe of this year – is out in July and is available for mp3 download on Neon Gold. GO. GET. IT. NOW.

Next up is Other Lives from Oklahoma, not exactly new, but hideously beautiful tunes nonetheless.
Just listen to this:

They recently did a brilliant Daytrotter session so head over there for the mp3s.

Thirdly we have The High Strung

The High Strung are from Detroit and on Oh, Inverted World’s favourites Dr Dog’s label Park The Van. They’re got a psych-tinged experimental weirdness to them that I love and the vocals are nasely and far from perfect, but I’ve always had a penchant for the ‘not quite right’. Here’s a song ‘Bad With My Hands‘ from their album ‘Ode To The Universe of The Dude’ out earlier this year. It’s awesome.

More to come when I’m don’t have to run out the door…

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