July 14th – Definitely won’t be cake…


“Yeah, er, men. We’re bad, yeah….”
“I mean honestly, they only ever have one thing on the brain!”
“Mmm…oh right…yeah, that’s a bad thing. Us selfish men.”
“I mean it’s all they ever think about, sometimes I wonder if they ever see women as individuals, as intellectuals, as more than a pair of breasts on legs. I’m so much more than a body, although admittedly a very hot body, you appreciate that, right?”
“Yeah. breasts, right. on legs”
“Are you listening to me??!!”
“What did I just say??”
“You want bigger breasts??”
“No, that is not what I said”
“Why aren’t you listening to me?”
“I was distracted by all the cake in the flyer at the top of this blog post for some amazing party”
“You disgust me”
“But one of the cakes features Chuck Norris!”
“Oh yeah, it does!”
“Let’s go eat some cake!”
“I love you”
“And I love your breasts!”

The above is just one example of how a flyer covered in cake can resolve relationship arguments. Have it on at you at all times in case something similar happens with your boyfriend/girlfriend and then come down and party with us on July 14th!!

Here are the details and that…



Yo! July 14th birthday extravaganza is now taking place at THE ENTERPRISE as the Old Queens Head are doing refurb work. Come one, come all. Line-up and other details all the same. xx

Coming up on July 14th we have our most eclectic line-up EVER. Hell, we’ve been known for our diversity in the artists we’ve picked in the past (Christmas 2008 being a prime example of that) but we really have surpassed ourselves on this one. It’s a special birthday party show for our O,IW DJ supreme Dave Depares and also for me (Caz) so we’re going to make this one a big BIG BIG party!

the social

Headlining the night we’ve got The Social, who, with their sonorous vocals and 80s tinged English indie-rock are pretty much diametrically opposed to our main support act Big Hand, but in the best way possible. Time to get the moody fringes out…

big hand

Warming up for those guys are Zorbic ska band BIG HAND. One of the most fun bands you will ever see live, and on personal request from Mr Depares himself, these guys should definitely get you dancing.

Tim and Sam

Opening for us on July 14th we’ve got Tim and Sam’s Tim and The Sam Band With Tim and Sam, which is possibly one of the best named bands we’ve ever had on the Oh, Inverted World stage. We’ve actually been trying to get them to play for over a year now, so we’re stoked to have the Manchester four-piece down. They play pretty damn beautiful melodic instrumental indie-folk which only the most heartless of souls could fail to like. As the Guardian have said about ’em, they’re “like listening to Sigur Rós, without the worry of deciphering Hopelandic.” Which can only be a good thing.

RSVP at the event here folks! http://tiny.cc/QoiKd


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