This WILL Destroy You

Guest writer on the blog today, people. Cameron, our supercool work experience boy for the week, would like to tell you about a band he loves, Texas post-rockers This Will Destroy You. Young Cameron is also in a pretty ace band himself, which you can check out here – .

Over to Cameron…

This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You may not sound like the most coaxing name for a band, and it certainly does not match the music that they make. Originally forming in 2005, as a 4 piece post-rock, instrumental band. They immediately got to work on their first demo, only for it to be released as their first EP, ‘Young Mountain’ in 2006. The EP provided generally good reviews, and their most famous track to date, ‘There are Some Remedies Worse than the Disease’. Soon after they released their, self titled, debut album in January 2008. Although receiving some mixed reviews, the general reception of the album was good, and they acquired a fairly large fanbase.

The feel of the album is one of disturbed ambiance. With the subtle rising and falling of echoed guitars, plastered with reverb and sounds that Matt Bellamy would be pushed to create. Only to then be hit with a wall of distortion, as if you had awoken a bear from hibernation. The shear force and emotion that they deliver without any lyrics is unreal. They have taken the mellowness of Sigur Ros and merged it with the electric distorted noise of 65daysofstatic.

This Will Destroy You are not another instrumental band who simply think they do not need singer. They use their instruments as if they were the only things saving them from death. Intricacy wraps itself around each song, providing a different feel to each song, yet they still have a firm hold on what the band are doing. Songs such as, ‘Burial on the Presidio Banks’ are enough to bring grown men to tears. While, ‘Leather Wings’ has a more simplified feel to it. It simply provides a completely enjoyable and relaxing listen from beginning to end. As the ethereal tones of, ‘A Three-Legged Work Horse’ cascade in at the beginning of the album, you can tell that it will be one hell of a ride until the distorted blaze of ‘Burial on the Presidio Banks’ fades out.
So yes, they will destroy you, but for all the right reasons.

This will destroy you are touring the UK in October:

10/09 Sheffield @ Corporation
10/10 Plymouth @ White Rabbit
10/11 Brighton @ Freebutt
10/12 Dublin @ Whelans
10/13 Glasgow @ Captains Rest
10/14 Manchester @ Music Box
10/15 London @ Underworld

Go see them!


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