August 11th Stars ‘The Dufflefolks’ Talk Stuff


Coming to the Old Queens Head on August 11th, along with She Keeps Bees and Babe Shadow, are electronic popstrals The Dufflefolks. We asked them some ridiculously random questions and they were kind enough to humour us with responding…

Who exactly are The Dufflefolks?
Dan: Simon, Louis, Carl and me.
Louis: We are a bunch of bearded boys, who spend too many sunny days inside trying to make the best music possible.
Carl: We’re like a home counties version on Hard-Fi… we’re ‘Living for the Weekend Farmers Market’
Simon – Your new favourite band!

Do you in fact have a penchant for duffle coats?
Dan: I do, but they are not made for weedy boys like us. You have to be Paddington Bear to pull one of those bad boys off.
Louis: In the depths of a Siberian winter maybe but mostly I have a love for Dufflefolks.
Carl: Weirdly enough I threw away the only dufflecoat I’ve ever owned a few weeks ago, it had served me well.
Simon: Not particularly, but I like to think they reflect us as people: hot, yet unwieldy.

On August 11th you will play Oh, Inverted World at the Old Queens Head. This is obviously the most exciting thing to happen to you to date; what can the nice Oh, Inverted Worlders in the audience expect?

Dan: some lovely music and probably an untrue anecdote starring Stephen Fry.
Louis: a music equivalent of ‘Cool Runnings’ without a John Candy mentor to see us through.
Carl: A well rehearsed shambles.
Simon: My playing of the introduction to Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” unconvincingly on synth trumpet at an inopportune moment.

What new bands are you digging at the moment?

Dan: MF DOOM, Talking Heads and Bon Iver.
Louis: Lukid for my geeky electronic fix, Trailer Trash Tracey’s for my love of loud, Hush Arbors for folk melodies, and Mr Toby Pellow and band for quiet times.
Carl: My Spotify account would tell you I’m digging Speech Debelle, sometimes it lies.
Simon: Golden Silvers are cool. They’re sufficiently new yeah?

What’s been the best gig you’ve played thus far (apart from O,IW because future gigs don’t count no matter HOW AWESOME)?

Dan: Probably The Union Chapel, even though it was super intimidating.
Louis: That’s a tricky one, I will plump for the gig when our drum machine didn’t work and we got people to clap along to be our beat. I think that was in the Strongroom. To that point, I really abhorred audience participation, I saw it as a little bit Butlins, but now to have it thrown back in your face it’s a humbling experience.
Carl: I honestly think we’re playing our best gigs at the moment, so the last one which was The Horn, St Albans.
Simon: Playing The Union Chapel last year was lovely.

How do you like your tea:

Dan: Earl Grey, milk, no sugar thanks. Don’t tell me that’s the rider?
Louis: Made by a friend.
Carl: Well brewed with a little milk.
Simon: Milk with two sugars please.

And finally, what do you want to achieve with the Dufflefolks? Radio 1 A-list? Headline Glastonbury? A successful campaign – ala Jamie Oliver and his healthy food campaign – convincing more school children to wear duffle coats?

Dan: I’d like for one of my musical heroes to be interviewed and mention us kindly. Oh, and to irradiate the chicken nugget obviously.
Louis: I would like to play Later with Jools Holland and play some boogie woogie with Mark E Smith from The Fall.
Carl: I’d like to play an ATP Festival.
Simon: I’d like to sell out the Royal Festival Hall because I love going to shows there.

Any other random thoughts you’d like to get off your chest?

Louis: Stephen?
Carl: Which Blade Runner version shall I watch? Also I’m slightly obsessed with Sam Rockwell since seeing Moon.
Simon: Yes. I secretly quite like it when it rains during the summer. Is this wrong?

And here for your pleasure is ‘Homegrown‘, an awesome track kindly donated by The Dufflefolks. Woo.

bee garden_flyer_11thAug


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