Monday Tunez

Okay, so it’s a little while since we wrote a blog and for this we apoligise. To make up for it, here are some nice tunes to greet you on this, the 32nd Monday of twothousandandfine.

This weekend we spent a lot of our time walking the sunny streets and parks of London. We chatted about music, life, art and I mainly spoke about the blisters on my feet caused by my inappropriate foot wear. James bought a glockenspiel for his girlfriend, I bought a cafetiere. It was all tremendously exciting. But it’s because we’ve been so busy walking around buying things and doing, er, stuff that we’ve neglected this blog. Great excuse, huh? Yes.

Forest Fire

So first up is Brooklyn’s Forest Fire who released their album Survival on July 20th out here in the UK – thanks Forest Fire! This song Fortune Teller is country-punk done a bit haphazardly, but is a bit good. Listen listen!

memory cassette
Next us is the largely mysterious, I think Philadelphia based, Memory Cassette. Not even Pitchfork (who I always assumed knew everything about everything in the alternative music universe, like apparently they know before Yo La Tengo what the title of their next record is. That’s how god damn indie they are, kids.) know who the hell these guys really are. They’ve been all over the blogasphere getting the geek kids excited with their dreamy, atmospheric tunes and have also remixed tracks by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Peter Bjorn and John and, er, Britney Spears. Asleep At A Party is a beautiful track, but I wouldn’t put it on at a party just in case people do start falling asleep. Word of warning there.

clock opera
And finally today is London’s super-awesome Clock Opera, led by one Mr Guy Connelly. We went to see him and his bearded band at the Neon Gold night at Notting Hill Art’s Centre the other week and they were absolutely incredible. Guy describes his music as “chop-pop”, because he literally does chop up sounds to create a song out of it. He does the same with lyrics, taking a story and mixing it all up so it no longer really makes sense. The result is definitely interesting and perhaps surprisingly, given its experimental nature, actually really works. Clock Opera are currently playing all the coolest clubs and getting a&r types excited. We’re pretty excited too! Here’s ‘Once and For All‘. It is good.


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