Morrissey? In The Old Queens Head for Oh, Inverted World?!


So last night was good. It was REALLY good. One of our best line-ups in a long time, so thanks again to the stunning She Keeps Bees, the tremendously cool Babe Shadow and the electro-awesomeness that was The Dufflefolks. The Old Queens Head was more rammed than we’ve ever seen it, and for a Tuesday night our crowd can really god damn drink! Amongst the crowd last night was one Mr Steven Patrick Morrissey, who came near the end of the night to sit at the back, have some vodka and listen to some She Keeps Bees. I mean, why not? If I was Morrissey I expect Oh, Inverted World would be my first port of call for a night out. You can imagine him at home thinking “shall I go out tonight? Well, there’s no Oh, Inverted World on so I suppose I’ll just stay in and watch The Wire.” Yes, I bet that’s exactly what he’s thinking.

The real question is, will Mozza also make an appearance at OIW next week to see his mates Doll And The Kicks (who he hand picked as support for his tour) at The Garage? Details of this show are HERE btw.

So an interesting and pretty fantastic night. Jack Penate was also there, which was nice. He seems like a very well brought up young man and has good hair.

Pictures to come! Thanks again for everyone who came down and made it such a special night.

I am still tired.


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