“Under The Radar” – A Triple Bill

Keefy’s back! This time our roving reporter has moved away from Iceland’s cinematic music and found himself at a local arts festival in search of “Under The Radar” news, uncovering dance troup “The Shaded Voice Dance Company” for us Inverted Worlders…

“The Shaded Voice Dance Company” present: “A TRIPLE BILL” at Bakewell Arts Festival.

U.T.R. is always open to fresh experiences and ready to take a chance, so when the local Arts Festival opening event was billed as contemporary dance its seemed a good idea to give them a shot. Sprucing up big style, me ‘n Sue headed out to the venue and were amazed to find the dance space packed out so we quickly found a seat. A quick scan of the programme informs us that the company are all graduates from Middlesex University and are en route to the Edinburgh Fringe and performing these pieces for the first time.

The lights go down and a red spot illuminates the floor, the music begins (“stay” by Clint Mansell) and suddenly the floor is alive with colour and movement as the company explode into life. It’s high energy stuff the dancers pulling out all the moves, twisting, pirouetting and almost flying in harmony with each other and the music. This first dance “Untitled” is choreographed by the whole company and is greeted with loud and enthusiastic applause. There is a few moments of darkness before a spotlight picks out a solitary figure center stage, electronic experimental music drifts across the room and we are into “Eldarynd” choreographed by Jenni Lau. Its a beautiful narrative dance based on deception and lies in a small community. As the soundtrack swells with intensity so the performers writhe and strike, fall with pain and run with fear. Someone dies depicted by a crumpled black skirt. The dancers, dressed in red and black, mourn, weep as the music picks up with jagged power. In unison the dance grows in anger then slowly fades into the dark. There is silence then applause. During the interval its noticable some people are moved by the power of this work!

The second half of the show is devoted to one long composition “Secrets hide in the heart and soul” Choreographed by Louise Kelsey. Its a sensual dance portraying betrayal and heartbreak and hidden passions. This is a high -energy piece driven by the music of Rodrigo y Gabriella, the flamenco rhythms inspire the sensuous nature of the movements as bodies intertwine, disengage then shudder with desire before collapsing breathless and rising again with passionate provocation as the performers sweep across the dance space leaping, falling, laughing. Its non stop and incredible. They finish and take a bow. It is obvious from the cheers and lingering applause that fans were enthralled and doubters converted! A wonderful night!

The Shaded Voice Dance Company was formed by Liz How, Jenny Lau and Louise Kelsey in 2008 and members of the company have danced at the Arts Depot, London, and Lakeside Theatre , London and can be reached via Facebook.

x Keefy


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