Park The Van – Summer Sampler

Park The Van Records are a bit too goddamn cool for our liking, OIW’s favourite label from New Orleans have our favourites Dr Dog, then there’s floppy haired wunderkids The Spinto Band, The Generationals, Floating Action, The High Strung, Golden Boots… The list goes on. We’re struck between awe and simmering jealousy of those guys. Which is a good sign obviously ; )

Park The Van Summer Sampler 2009

The label have just released a super cool summer sampler with 16 free tracks by the aforementioned acts and more. Just click the pic above to go download your copy of the compilation for free. You can then go find out more about this great label here…

Here’s two our favourites from the comp in case you still need convincing…

Generationals – When They Fight They Fight

Dr Dog – Heart It Races (Architecture In Helsinki cover)

One thought on “Park The Van – Summer Sampler

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