OIW’s First Signing! Introducing… Tristram

So on a hungover Bank Holiday Monday, OIW trundled down to Bethnal Green to drink coffee (white, 1 sugar please) and meet a young folk artist called Tristram. Tris appeared at OIW a couple of months back and we fell in love that night, so we had a chat with his manager, the very cool Anthony Chalmers who runs the proper good “God Don’t Like It” nights (including several on a boat!), you should check them out.


Anyway, back to the point, we rifled our pockets and put up some dollars for Tris to get in the studio and record an EP for OIW’s first official release! Grand plans are being made for the first release and we’re excited as hell to be working with Tristram. So we thought we’d share our excitement and give you a taster, you’ll have to wait for the new tunes but until then here is a demo of Tris’ track “Stumbling Home” for your listening pleasure… more news as it happens!

Tristram – Stumbing Home (Demo)
Download (right click, save as)

If you want to go see why we’re all excited then get yourself along to one of Tris’ London shows, he’s at Camden Barfly tomorrow with Katie Miller, so if you’re about then get yourself down and we’ll see you there!

Sept 2nd – Camden Barfly (w/Katie Miller)
Sept 6th – Camley Street Festival
Sept 10th – Candid Arts Cafe
Sept 13th – The Flowerpot (w/ Motel Motel)
Sept 17th – 229 (Club Shuffle)
Sept 26th – Hungamunga Festival
Oct 4th – Slaughtered Lamb
Oct 7th – Wilmington Arms


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