The Dufflefolks – Free Track!

At last month’s She Keeps Bees album launch party we had The Dufflefolks as our guest openers and hell, they were the blimin’ brilliant!


We were suitably impressed with their storming, beautiful tunes and clever instrumentation, and the lads were also a bit chuffed to hand a copy of their new EP to Morrissey (who also happened to be in attendance that night). Whether he’s listened to it or not we don’t know, but they were proper ace, and so is this, an mp3 of their tune “Homegrown”, just for you Oh, Inverted Worlders…

The Dufflefolks – Homegrown mp3
Download (right click, save as)

If you want to get your mitts on a copy of their new EP then you should probably;

a) drop them a line
b) ask them nicely and
c) pay them money for it.

Their myspace is over here…


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