The Day I Missed The Train

Yesterday was all in all a bit of a disaster for me. I woke up hungover, dehydrated and sleep deprived after a slightly debauched ‘politically incorrect’ house party the night before. The morning was tough, with dressing and brushing my teeth proving a hell of a lot more taxing than it should. I was awake though, I was making progress and I was definitely going to be on time to meet James at St Pancras for an Oh, Inverted World jaunt up to Sheffield. Hell, I even had time to update my iPod with an awesome ‘Train Journey To Sheffield Playlist’!

It all went swiftly wrong, however, when I forgot my Oyster Card at the tube station (had to run back to my flat to retrieve that), ran back to Holloway Road with what I believed to be a good 20 minutes to spare, thinking I’d be totally fine, only to hear an announcement once on the tube that trains weren’t stopping at Kings Cross. I mean, why would they? The universe clearly did not want me in Sheffield. The train was then held between Kings Cross and Russell Square because of a ‘signal failure’, signal failure my arse… I knew then I wouldn’t make it, but I still had to try. Running as fast as I could out of Russell Square in the direction of what I hoped and prayed was Kings Cross, and then using Google Maps just to check I was on course, I managed to make it into the station, sweating out the previous evening’s alcohol from every pore and looking ever so slightly deranged, at the exact moment the train departed with James safely inside. To say I was pretty pissed off with myself in an understatement. I sat in St Pancras defeated and felt like I was going to cry. I didn’t, but I felt like it.

Me trying to meet James on the train, if I was a small child and James was my father.

Me trying to meet James on the train, if I was a small child and James was my father.

The only thing that made my day better was the iPod playlist I’d made earlier that morning when I was still under the delusion that I had time to do so. One of the best tracks on there comes from Themselves and WHY? and is called ‘Canada‘, presumably after the country. Clever, I am.

So here it is. Please make sure you have it on your iPod (other mp3 players are available) for an occasion when you yourself might be foolish enough to miss a train. It will help, but probably what would help more is actually being on time.

Download (right click, save as)


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