On the OIW stereo this week, Whispertown 2000! Er, whispering their way into your town soon (sorry)…


Whispertown 2000 were apparently brought together by Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley and solo fame) which is a nice story. Their drummer is also “Smiths-obsessed” which is another nice fact about WT2000, and they’ve had lots of impossibly nice words written in the likes of NME, Mojo, Uncut, Rolling Stone… But let’s cut to the important stuff, and that is that they actually write some ace tunes and have a great EP that came out last week.

As a taster, here’s a track that’s only available on the limited edition 6-track EP (instead of your regular kind of 4 tracker) called “When The Day Is Done”. You can get it for free from the official Whispertown website too, just click HERE. To be honest there’s stronger songs than this on the group’s myspace so we’d recommend you head over there for a listen afterwards… www.myspace.com/whispertown2000

Whispertown2000 – When The Day Is Done

The “Done with Love” EP came out last week and you can buy it from itunes HERE if you like. The guys are also on tour, check their myspaz if you wanna go catch them!


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