A Bit About… Treetop Flyers!

In profile today, the ace Treetop Flyers! These guys caught our ears not so long ago with their great “Mountain Song” tune which we have posted below for you lucky people to have a listen and download guilt-free ; )


“So who are they? A bit of background would be nice!”

Ok, jeez, well here’s what we know… Treetop Flyers drummer Tomer Danan was previously in Noo Yoik band “Robbers On High Street” before coming over to start Treetop Flyers with singer Reid Morrison, solo artist Sam beer, guitar bloke Laurie Sherman and bass fiddler Matthew Starritt. They’ve hit the road with Alberta Cross and they have a tasty sounding EP “To Bury The Past” out this month. If you care what NME says then they said… “stunning” and “the 2009 equivilent of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young”.

“Ok, not bad, anything else?”

Er, yes actually. The official EP launch is coming up on 29th September at The Lexington (seemingly now the home of all the cool, new bands) and they’ll have The Epstein and Alessi Ark along in support. Should be a good night, it’s also the exlovers EP launch there the week before so two top Lexington dates in our diaries, we’ll see you at either of those if you’re coming down… AND we’ve also got Treetop Flyers down for an OIW show way ahead of schedule on November 11th, woop.

“Where’s the tune then?”

It’s here okay!

Treetop Flyers – Mountain Song mp3
Download (right click, save as)


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