Kevine Devine – Time To Burn

So more train journeys this weekend (I seem to spend half my damn life on trains of late!) and I spent a lot of it listening to Kevin Devine. I haven’t given any proper “quality” time to Kevin (something train journeys are definitely good for) and when I did, I got completely wrapped up in the intelligent fury of his last record “Brother’s Blood”.


Kevin’s songs have an earnest intensity that demands you listen, sometimes he rants at you, sometimes he howls, sometimes he just talks to you… But whichever way it comes across, it’s nearly always compelling and exciting. “Time To Burn” is full of damning lyrics on the demise of mankind and made me skip back to the start of the track every time it finished to catch the quickfire lines … Here it is, let us know what you think…

Kevin Devine – Time To Burn (Another Bag Of Bones)
Download (right click, save as)

The “Brother’s Blood” record came out in the UK at the end of July on the ace Big Scary Monsters label (Pulled Apart By Horses, Copy Haho, etc), and Kevin has been over here playing solo shows and with The Manchester Orchestra, let’s hope he returns soon. Even better, let’s hope he returns soon for an Oh, Inverted World show! We’ll see what we can do folks.


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