La Shark!

October 8th sees the return of OIW’s favourite band, La Shark! The best ever reason we can think of to get to a gig unfashionably early. Expect unmissable theatrics and crafted mayhem, seriously, you need to see these guys to believe! And then you get to see So Say So, followed by Clock Opera, the amazing 22-piece, all female, alternative choir known as Gaggle AND a special guest Josh Weller DJ set too, woo!


Here’s a brilliant madcap track (aren’t they all!) as a taster, but it’s live that make these guys unmissable. October 8th folks, be there ; )

La Shark – Bones
Download (right click, save as)

Advance tickets for this show are just £4! (£6 normally folks) Get them here…

RSVP for the event on Facebook HERE too.

If you can’t make the show on the 8th (it had better be a damn good excuse with the line-up we’ve put together for you!) then La Shark have a few other shows before they head out on tour with Good Shoes in November. Check their myspace for details.


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