At First Glance… The Violet May!

Bit of a blog exclusive here. Remember the ill-fated story of the missed train journey on here a couple of weeks back? Well we were off to Sheffield to see Steel City’s finest new band, The Violet May. Caz didn’t make it, half my whisky pickled brain didn’t make it either but it was a treat to have a listen to the guys run through their thumping set in a practice room.


See, they’re a bit good this lot. There’s a story there too if you like that kind of thing… Singer Chris McClure was the iconic smoking guy on the front cover of the Arctic Monkeys first album, and has all the presence and swagger you’d want from a loud northern band who, on track record so far, could inspire a whole generation. Guitarists John Kubicki and Jono How are the ex-frontmen from the Barricades and Black Light Theatre respectively, and there’s a driving rhythm section made up of the excellent bass fiddler Dan Booth and drummer Alan Whittaker.

Steve Lamacq, Arctic Monkeys, Reverend & The Makers and a load more have already been spotted at their early shows and there’s a whole lot more to tell. But you’ll be hearing all about it soon enough, so for now you’re going to have settle for an exciting first taster, the excellent Bright Or Better. Take it away TVM…

The Violet May – Bright Or Better
Download (right click, save as)

The Violet May are down to play Alan McGee’s night Brixton Jamm on 5th December, you should see them before they’re huge… Check their myspace to hear some more kids,


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