Freelance Whales: Aid From Nausea

The past week for me has been relatively shite. From managing to get an infected toe at the start of the week and disgusting everyone within my vicinity at work with my grim foot tales; to getting the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had after eating the tuna sandwich sent direct from hell; to missing a trip to Scotland with Biffy Clyro due to the persistent vomiting; and finally missing out on Oh, Inverted World’s awesome night at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen with Gaggle, Clock Opera, So Say So and La Shark because I was still illing. It was crap and I felt defeated, so I packed my bags and headed down to see my Mum so I could revert back to being a 6 year old getting looked after at home.



On the train back to the familial home, feeling crap and angry with anyone and everyone not poisoned by tuna, I decided to listen to the new debut album by the rather wonderful Freelance Whales entitled ‘Weathervanes’. They’re a five piece from Queens, New York who got together late last year and decided to make some tunes together. It reminds me of a sunnier Sufjan Stevens, creating their sound from an assortment of banjos, glockenspiels, synthesizers, guitars, and err… waterphones. The result is dreamy, bleepy, folky, understated loveliness in 12 tracks.

The 'Better Than Tuna' Freelance Whales

The 'Better Than Tuna' Freelance Whales

I’m off to New York on Sunday so hoping to check them out at CMJ and convince them to come over to London and play an Oh, Inverted World show as their top priority.

Until I coax (kidnap) them over to the UK, here are two nice tracks to listen to. They admittedly didn’t make the nausea go away, but I definitely felt more ‘okay’ about it after then. Thanks Freelance Whales!

Freelance Whales – Generator ^ First Floor
Download (right click, save as)

Freelance Whales – Generator ^ Second Floor
Download (right click, save as)


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