Mirrors – Brighton’s Brightest New Things!

Hey kids, so tomorrow night we’re off to catch the superhot stylings of Brighton’s brightest new things, Mirrors, at Camden Barfly. There’s a tune on their myspace called “Into The Heart”, which has been going through my head almost constantly this past week, so it’s only right that I finally got round to catching a live show and put something up on here about them as they’re a bit good this lot.


The track is released through Moshi Moshi at the start of next month so I’d recommend you a) listen to it; and then b) go buy it… In the meantime here’s a taster of the guys with a demo of their tune “Organ Song”, it’s got a great pulsating 80s feel that manages to avoid the cliches and just sound damn, damn good. Enjoy! And we’ll probably see some of you lot down there for the show. Innit? ; )

Mirrors – Organ Song (Demo)
Download (right click, save as)

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