Anna Calvi – On Tour with Johnny Flynn plus… Matchboxes!

Yowzer, OIW favourite Anna Calvi starts her tour with Johnny Flynn tomorrow and the songstress has been busy! Yep, she’s been painting matchboxes! Er, what? Matchboxes!


Perhaps it’s therapeutic, we don’t really know, but you can get your grubby mitts on one at the shows along with a homemade CD free from Anna. Super! The girl herself probably can explain it best, so here we go…

“I’ve been painting matchboxes, to give away on tour, I’ve painted a different picture on each one. I’ve really enjoyed doing it, they feel like different worlds. Inside each one there are two scrolls, one is a photo taken by the amazing photographer Emma Nathan – she does all my photos. The other scroll contains lyrics of mine, referring to fire, with one match inside. You may wonder why.. I’m not completely sure, but I like the feeling of putting so much work into something, and then giving it away- that’s what being a musician feels like. I like the idea of my work being burnt, after it’s been seen (hence the match), it reminds me of playing live, you put everything into a moment for someone, and then it disappears.

I’m also giving away handmade CDs.”

Anna's homemade CDs

Anna's homemade CDs

So here’s those dates, Anna Calvi is a seriously super talented lady and we’d recommend you fight your way into a show as they’re all SOLD OUT. Damn, well those of you with superior blagging skills can probably sort yourself out, and as well as Anna, matchboxes and handmade CDs, you get to see Johnny Flynn too, not bad.

22 Oct: Glasgow Nice ‘N’ Sleazy
23 Oct: Birmingham Glee Club
24 Oct: Leeds Brudenell Social Club
25 Oct: Manchester Deaf Institute

If you can’t blag it, well then here’s a live version of Anna’s tune “Moulinette” from The Luminaire show that she’s currently giving out, just so you can pretend ; )

Anna Calvi – Moulinette (Live)
Download (right click, save as)


2 thoughts on “Anna Calvi – On Tour with Johnny Flynn plus… Matchboxes!

  1. Hi Ana, great to know how well you doing…
    Keep following you hehehe Hoping to see you live again soon, all the best and good luck on this tour!

    Send my love to Daniel.

    Ana Rosa

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