The Cheek – Mixer

The Cheek
Straight outta Suffolk
City o’ Woodbridge.

SS3_009 Photo: Sam Seager

They do a grizzled cover of La Roux’s ‘In For The Kill’ included on a mix tape they’re putting out. Yes you heard correct, a freakin rewind, fast forward, pull the tape out, stick a pencil in tape cassette, and if you catch them on their current UK tour these are being handed out all decorated and collectible like. Along with a clip of their super sleazy track ‘Hung Up’, there’s some banging tunes and a Will Smith, big willy style cameo on it. I’d recommend joy riding the nearest escort, driving down a country lane and banging this out.

If you don’t know what a tape actually is or just want to hear this now it’s been uploaded to their blog, so although this feels like cheating it’s posted here for you to download.

The Cheek – October Mixtape
Download (right click, save as)

The Cheek say: Presenting specks of dust volume 1; Troublevision is our favourite club night in London, on this mix we put to you a selection of some of the people who’ve kicked us in the head and made our feet move down at Corsica Studios. With some other stuff in there too.

et voila, le tracklisting…

The Cheek vs. Diplo – Hung Up (re-edit)
Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better I’ll Go to the Disco (said the Buffalo Bunch)
Elite Force – No Turning Back (Mowgli and Solo mix)
Rivastarr – Vouxhall
Tomb Crew – Bigger Than
Will Smith – Miami (Laidback Luke bootleg)
Shab Ruffcut & Tee Ski – I’m Walking (Lee Mortimer remix)
The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Soulwax remix)
The Cheek – In For The Kill
Kenneth Bager – I Can’t Wait (The Jayou Zub Refix)


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