The Drums, quite good actually

the drums

I don’t want to go out”, I said, “I’m jetlagged, irritable and I have no clean underwear!

Watch this” my wise friend said, “you’ll change your mind”.

And hellz yeah I did. Obviously the hype surrounding Brooklyn’s The Drums has been unavoidable. “New York’s official Coolest New Band…this might be the most contagiously energetic NYC band of the past 10 years” say the NME; “One of the best indie pop debuts of the year” say Rolling Stone, and many other people of note have been saying similar things all equating to “OH WOW, THEY’RE AMAZING!! THEY MAKE MY BRAIN EXPLODE IN WONDER!! I WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO THIS MUSIC!!!! THIS MUSIC WILL HELP ME TO MAKE LOVE FOR LONGER!! THIS IS MY SUBSTITUTE FOR VIAGRA!!” You get the idea, the general vibe amongst the people who are paid to know is that The Drums are very good and you should definitely be name-checking them.

So last night, despite jetlag and the need for clean pants, I headed down to the Barfly to check out what’s so great about these Drums. Turns out, loads and loads. Industry types turned up in abundance, indicative of the a&r scrum that’s surrounding them right now. But despite an audience full of industry wankers and little in the way of G.P., The Drums made these generally cynical people move in ways that made them forget who they were. This is surf-pop with a difference. Sure, it’s sunny, there are whistled refrains, their first single is called ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ (released on Moshi Moshi) for God’s sake, but this is more than just a summer band. They’re surf-post-punk-with-a-bit-of-synth-a-hugely-enigmatic-frontman-backing-girlie-singers-and-a-crazy-tambourine-playing-man-with-hypnotising-loose-hips. This genre is what all the kids are digging down in Willamsburg. Possibly.

Anyone want to go surfing?

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing
Download (right click, save as)


One thought on “The Drums, quite good actually

  1. drums are fckin acess child,
    deffintly choose! me and the lead singer having a seizure in that vid are getting married may 13th!

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