At First Glance – Player Piano

Following our Oxjam exploits, OIW is back for another top show at London’s Old Queens Head on November 11th (that’s a week today kids!)!

We’ll have the wonderful Treetop Flyers and Mariners Children on the bill, and we’re also super damn excited to have Player Piano opening the night for us. These guys came under our radar very recently and we’ve fallen head over heels in love with them already!


Player Piano

We’re not the only ones though, Player Piano have already have their tunes spun on Radio 1 and 6music as well as signing to King Creosote’s Fence label. It’s hard as hell to reference them as every track seems to take in something else, but here’s a starter just for you folks, the top tune “Anything At All” along with some of the press adoration these guys are getting already. Enjoy and we’ll see you on the 11th! (facebook event here)

Piano Player – Anything At All
Download (right click, save as)

Now go check out some more at the Player Piano myspaz HERE!

“BREAKING ACT”, The Sunday Times:
“In most instances, a debut release’s appeal is down to a certain tentativeness and innocence — great potential, as yet only partly fulfilled. In Player Piano’s case, however, it is the completeness, the fully realised grandeur of Radway’s first EP, Into the Dark, that so impresses. Evoking solo-Lennon string arrangements, the unfettered creativity of early Bowie and the Walker Brothers, and the vocal plangency of Chris Martin and Rufus Wainwright, it tugs at the heartstrings and ensnares you with the scope of its ambition.”

“TRACK OF THE DAY”, Q Magazine Online:
Vocally, former Indiana native (now London-based) Jeremy Radway sounds like a more lazily delivered, more articulate, Julian Casablancas crossed with the baritone depth of John Grant from The Czars.

Instrument-wise by the time the piano flourishes kick in on Mad Dog there’s reminders of Ben Folds (Whatever And Ever, Amen period) and vocal harmonies/arrangements that might not sound out of place on an Ed Harcourt album.

All of these references might give you some idea or just serve to confuse, but they do illustrate the mercurial melting pot of Player Piano. As I’m writing this I’m now thinking Beck as well – probably best to just have a listen and decide for yourself…”

“However he dresses his tunes, Radway’s innate pop sensibilities and deadpan showmanship make for hugely entertaining viewing, like Eels or Ben Folds, only with better tunes.”

“Indiana bred/ London based Jeremy Radway – he who plays piano – is remarkable. Bearing by no means unflattering resemblance to Mark Oliver ‘E’ Everett and Ed Harcourt, Radway combines their effortless songcraft with the sheen of Jon Brion.”


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