We’re Thinking About Life

November I’ve always thought was kind of okay. It’s the start of the chilly season, so short days, wrapping up warm and eating big hearty meals by the fire in my fictional country home that lives in my mind, seems all cosy and romantic. Come February you’ll find I have a rather different attitude to the colder season, which is generally one of ‘FUCK THE FUCK OFF!’. But for now, get a woolly jumper on, drink some warm cider and make the most of the insane amount of live music going on right now.

Last week (as an example of November being heavy on the live music) was insanely gigtastic for myself. It went down like this:

Flaming Lips at The Troxy

TuesdayFlaming Lips at The Troxy: Exuberantly wonderful opening full of balloons and Wayne rolling about on a ball. Slightly less exciting middle section full of those slightly experimental new songs. Great ending. What I believe Flaming Lips are practicing here is the Primacy Recency Theory. My psychology degree was soooo not a waste of time.

Wednesday – Incredible scenes at Oh, Inverted World at the Old Queens Head. It was such a special night, so huge thanks to Player Piano, Mariners Children and Treetop Flyers. Thanks also to Dave Depares for his awesome DJing – the boy has skillz.

Thursday – The Mighty Mighty Biffy Clyro at Brixton Academy: Amazing amazing amazingness.

FridayTegan and Sara at Shepherds Bush Empire: Brilliant girly fun.

So all that music was nice. There’s also been a few new tunes rocking my world in these newly chilly days. First is the pretty wonderful Think About Life from Montreal. A cross between Black Kids, TV On The Radio, and, er something very pop. They’re just amazing and I’ve pretty much not stopped playing ‘Havin’ My Baby’ for the past two weeks. They released an album earlier this year called ‘Family’ that I don’t think is available in the UK, but those lucky American and Canadians can purchase away.

Here are two tracks from the new album:

Havin’ My Baby – Think About Life
Right click, download

Johanna – Think About Life
Right click, download

Some time ago a band called Venice Is Sinking from Athens, Georgia contacted us. They were nice enough to send over a copy of their new album ‘Azar’ and it’s actually really great. It’s college orchestral indie-rock, if such a genre exists, and is definitely worth some of your listening time.

Here they are!

oh, and an mp3 too! Man, do we spoil you…

Compass – Venice is Sinking
Right click, download

So that’s it for today. We’ll hopefully have some news for you guys soon about the next Oh, Inverted World night that’s going to come and make your life worth living. We promise it won’t be long.


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