Everything Said Twice

Well isn’t the weather just unfathomably shite. Check this dude out here in my hometown of Bournemouth being literally blown into the sea. God knows why he thought that crappy umbrella was going to be in any way useful. With only around 8 hours of daylight this time of year (I’m writing this at 4.30pm and it’s pitch black outside) and the whole country feeling pretty uninhabitable, this is when you need to spend your time indoors.

I’ve managed to go outside a few times recently (go me!) and see a few bands, which was nice. Wherever possible I’ve seen bands that have the same word repeated twice in their name. The other night I went to the Modular night at Cargo and saw a band we’ve been a fan of for a while at O,IW called Django Django.

Despite subconsciously making me think of Jumanji, a film that freaked me out as a child, these guys were pretty damn great in their own psychedelic way. It’s hard to describe the sound of this east-London foursome. There is no obviously comparison, but then this probably works in their favour.

Django Django – LOVE’S DART
Right click, download

Another that band that EVERYONE is talking about, like everyone everyone, is Everything Everything (ha, see what I did there?). Satisfying my current penchant for twice repeated words in their band name, Everything Everything are a band from Manchester who make fun, inventive and super-addictive danceable-indie-pop-punk.

Here they are with their video for Photoshop Handsome…

And here’s the song that’s been trapped in my head for the last month

Everything Everything – My Keys, Your Boyfriend
Right click, download

That’s it for twice-repeated word bands for this week. Next week, bands with punctuation for names.


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