A Word On Vampires

Vampires - Definitely hip

Vampires, vampires, vampires. You can’t avoid the suckers (pun intended) at the moment. It seems like the effect of Twilight and True Blood has made those night creeping vermin the hippest thing since zombies… Well, for all you nosferato lovers out there, here’s a sweet take on them by the excellent Pink Mountaintops. It’s a great track this and so at least the current vamp-hipness gives us an excuse to post it, close your eyes and you can almost imagine Robert Pattinson bearing down on you with his fanged nashers… if you like that kind of thing…

Pink Mountaintops – Vampire
Right click, download

On a serious note, Vampires are dangerous and should not be provoked or poked with sticks (only stakes). We at OIW highly recommend that you memorise the following diagram (taken from Worst Case Scenarios) if you want to avoid your blood being sucked.

So in summary. Vampires, hip but also dangerous. Play safe kids.


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