In The Woods With the WEREWOLVES

No, I’m not talking about New Moon (that was like sooo November) and as much as I enjoy photos of disturbingly hot teenage boys, I’m actually talking about our headliners for January 13th, London five-piece exlovers. They played for us a year ago at Madame Jojo’s and we’ve been hooked ever since. Having released their EP ‘You Forget So Easily’ through Chess Club a few months back and playing tonnes of shows and festivals, we thought “hellz, these guys need to come and help us celebrate our second birthday at the Old Queens Head”.

As well as being good enough to play for us again, they’ve also given us an exclusive demo of their track ‘In The Woods With The Werewolves‘. exlovers debut album is going to recorded in early 2010 and they have a full UK tour lined up in February before they hit Texas and SXSW. Big times ahead.

exlovers – In The Woods With The Werewolves
Right click, download

Full details of exlovers show and our 2nd Birthday shenanigans on Jan 13th can be found HERE folks. Come along and join us for some great music and far too many drinks!


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