Phoenix – Tune For A Chilly Winter day

Despite being named after the club in Phoenix Nights (this may be an entirely made up fact), Phoenix have been steadily taking the mantle of being the greatest thing out of France since, well, croissants (lack of cultural knowledge blamed for the stereotypical bland comparison here).

Phoenix - leading by example in how to keep warm outside and still have some sense of style

Ahem, well anyway, their great “Lisztomania” track has been all over the place this year and was even featured on early trailers for the new flick “Where The Wild Things Are”. We haven’t seen it yet and the next Orange Wednesday – yeah we’re cheapskates – is nearly on Xmas, but we plan on heading down to our local Cineworld to catch it damn soon. (I would just like to say that I saw Where The Wild Things Are a full 2 months ago when I was holidaying in New York because I’m brilliant. Suck on that, James! – love a not at all irritating Caz)

So chances are you’ve already got the tune buzzing around your ears, but you might not have heard this, and it’s blimin’ ace; Alex Metric’s (the best thing out of the UK since gravy) remix of the track, it’s mighty, mighty fine and making this cold, sporadically snowy, day roll along just nicely thank you.

Give it a go.

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix)
Right click, download

You’ll have to wait until March for Phoenix to come over again for a show at The Roundhouse, Alex Metric is playing around though, go check his myspaz for dates and all that business HERE.


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