Tunes On The Tamesis Dock

We braved the cold earlier this week to go to a Rockfeedback show on a boat on the Thames, and we’re proper chuffed we did!

All aboard the Tamesis Dock...

All aboard the Tamesis Dock!

The amazing Tristram (our first signing, record out in Feb 2010 folks!) was up first, and then we got to spend some time with him watching the fantastic Local Natives and Peggy Sue perform. The boat (The Tamesis Dock) was a wonderful place for a show, a lovely (if somewhat crammed) atmosphere made for a great intimate night and Local Natives left us swooning for more.

Local Natives

Local Natives

They sweep you up in their ever so heartbreaking melodies and take you off somewhere intense and beautiful, which actually works really well on a boat ; )

We’ve had the awesome Airplanes going through our heads for ages now, and here’s the new one doing the rounds, Sun Hands. There’s gonna be huge things happening for these guys in 2010 for sure!

Local Natives – Sun Hands
Right click, download

Local Natives – Airplanes
Right click, download


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