More winter warmers – Freelance Whales! (again)

Yep, we reported earlier in the year about Freelance Whales and their brilliant debut record “Weathervanes”, they’ve also been playing with OIW favourites Fanfarlo (who are currently very busy making a splash in the states) more recently.

Freelance Whales - sensible glove and hat wear for the winter season

The electro style “Starring” has been doing the rounds of late and is really interesting as a track, but for me “Ghosting” is a proper wonderous tune and is our winter warmer for today, take it away Whales!

Freelance Whales – Starring
Right click, download

Freelance Whales – Ghosting
Right click, download

No news on when and if FW will be making the trip over here in 2010 but definitely worth keeping an eye out to see if the New Yorkers are about later in the year,


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