Then The Snow Started Falling…

“…and we were stuck out in your car”

Bon Iver

So I was out yesterday doing Chrimbo shopping, a typically miserable exercise that requires as much pushing, queuing and use of elbows as possible to negotiate the throng of London’s hungry present searchers.

Then around Leicester Square at about 4pm with the skies already getting dark, I stepped outside and on my ipod Bon Iver floated into my ears with “Blood Bank” just as the snow started to fall.

Yeah, sounds kinda pussy. But it was actually a beautiful as hell moment, I just stopped and listened as snow fell all around, feeling like I was in some poignant scene from some indie movie or the other.

“I love you honey, I love you chief”, I liked that line too. I think I would like some girl to call me chief, it would make me feel like some grizzled, bearded, cool guy. That doesn’t really describe me, but definitely a good pet name.

It also reminded me to listen to Bon Iver more often and according to the bible that is wikipedia, “Bon Iver, is a play on the French “bon hiver” (good winter)”, so it makes even more sense this time of year. Here’s that Blood Bank track from one of the best EP’s of this year, and also the awesome Skinny Love in case you haven’t heard it yet, made my heart melt the first time I heard that one.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Right click, download

Bon Iver – Blood Bank
Right click, download


3 thoughts on “Then The Snow Started Falling…

  1. Also since your blog is called “oh inverted world’s blog” I’m guessing you’re also a Shins fan. I also love James Mercer. Possibly my favourite lyricist.

    Yes, I like telling people random facts about myself.

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