Trains Home And New Records In 2010

Today is mostly about trains home for Christmas for me, and always a good time to spend a few hours staring out the window and catching up on a load of music I might have missed. Before I leg it to the station, here’s a couple of things I’ll be checking out on my way back to the north and some records to be looking out for in 2010…

Yeasayer - new album in 2010

Firstly there’s the new Yeasayer album “Odd Blood” which is out on Feb 8th next year, really looking forward to getting stuck into that one. They have a European tour around the release too which is good news as I haven’t caught them live yet, here’s a sneak peak of the record with the ace track “Madder Red”.

Yeasayer – Madder Red
Right click, download

Air France - new record in the making

Air France - new record in the making

I’m also really looking forward to hearing more from Gothenburg’s Air France in 2010, it’s been over a year since Something In Construction (Memory Tapes, Gay Blades, Silent League) released their great No Way Down record. If you’re reading this Dave from SiC, we want updates on the new record as soon as! The finishing touches are still being put down, so in the meantime here’s “Collapsing At Your Doorstep” from the aforementioned No Way Down record to wet your appetite of what’s to come.

Air France – Collapsing At Your Doorstep
Right click, download

And finally, just because frankly it’s brilliant, here’s Yacht “In Love With A Ripper”, top, top tune and a definite one for the train playlist… Oh no, no time for that, gotta run, go find it on Hypemachine! ; )


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