At First Glance… Broken Bells

Happy 2010 folks! Yep, Oh! Inverted World is like so over the noughties already. Here’s to a new year of shows, record releases, blog related ramblings and cleaning the sick off our shoes the morning after.

How we’ll ever top last years Tuna Sandwich story leading into Freelance Whales I’ll never know, but here’s something to look forward to in 2010 already (if there wasn’t enough already)…

Broken Bells - James Mercer and the D-Man

You’d never have guessed it but yep, we dig The Shins over here at Oh! Inverted World. And if you haven’t already heard then Shins frontman James Mercer has been hanging out with Danger Mouse (no, not the cartoon one) and they’ve come up with an album under the monika Broken Bells.

Danger Mouse is not just producing this one, it’s a proper band y’all! The first sneak peak of the collaboration is the single The High Road which sounds really promising, go check it out below.

Broken Bells – The High Road
Right click, download

The guys also hooked up on a Sparklehorse record last year with the tune Insane Lullaby and it’s perhaps not so far away from what we might expect on the debut record, nice.

Sparklehorse feat. James Mercer – Insane Lullaby
Right click, download

No live dates announced yet, but the record is out in March and there’s a tasty looking deluxe edition on the official website,, ooooh, want it.


4 thoughts on “At First Glance… Broken Bells

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  2. Great post! Can’t wait to hear more from this band over the coming weeks. Everything I’ve heard so far sounds amazing.

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