The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

On January 13th we’re returning to the Old Queens Head to celebrate our second birthday. It’s been an emotional ride kids, and we’re so incredibly happy to still be at the place where we started putting on our special brand of eclectic, star-studded, crazy, wine-injected, ramshackle events. Just so you know, January 13th is going to continue in this vain. We don’t care that it’s January and you’re all obsessed with detoxing. I mean, if you really want to make this month even more depressing then good luck, but what you really need in January is a damn good party, which is where we come in. So, we have for you exlovers, Tristram and a young man from the Isle of Lewis (yes, that’s the Outer Hebrides) , The Boy Who Trapped The Sun (aka Colin MacLeod). His music is wistful, slightly melancholic, and achingly touching in that lovely alt-folksih way. Like our headliners, The Boy Who Trapped The Sun has hooked up with the awesome Chess Club, which is a very exciting partnership indeed.

To warm you up, here’s a track Colin co-wrote with London troubadour Ed Harcourt from his ‘Home EP’ called ‘Lying To Get On Your Good Side’. We reckon you’ll quite like it.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun – Lying To Get On Your Good Side
Right click, download


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