Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo - California innit?

January in London, that miserable time of year when you know only February in London is colder and more miserable, and that’s all you have to look forward to outside. So you think of being somewhere nice and warm, somewhere like Long Beach, California, ah yes, that would be nice. Well, Avi Buffalo have got the right idea, although it is their hometown so really just chance for them, but anyway, London 0 – California 1.

We happened across their daydreamy, sunkissed tunes over Christmas’ turkey leftovers and were hooked. Those sharp folk over at Sub Pop were also clearly taken and have snapped them up for a record out in the spring and also this track, released as a 7″ single just before Xmas, “What’s In It For?”.

Avi Buffalo – What’s In It For?
Right click, download

Aw, it almost feels like long summer days already… UK dates tba soon for early 2010, keep your eye on here, www.myspace.com/avibuffalo


One thought on “Avi Buffalo

  1. The studio version is almost too slickly produced. The youtube link shows a great stripped down version if you get a chance to listen to it.

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