This week at The Old Queens Head!

Hellz yeh! This Wednesday (Jan 13th) we’re celebrating our second Birthday with a big old Birthday bash at London’s Old Queens Head, featuring a whole host of super folk including one of our favourite bands of the moment, exlovers.


With records out through the very cool Young And Lost Club and Chess Club last year, the guys have been getting rave reviews and selling out shows all over the place.

They also released one of the most hyped tracks of last year, it was a free download and a cover version of Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game. Yep, it should have been cheesy as hell, but exlovers don’t do cheesy, oh no, they carried it off in their own beautiful, haunting style.

exlovers – Wicked Game
Right click, download

So come catch them and have a drink with us on Wednesday, we’d love to see you and you can also catch the wonderful Tristram (our first signing!), new Geffen signing The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, and a few other surprises thrown in too! It’s just a fiver with this flyer n’all…


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